The Hazelton family has been growing apples on the farm since 1898 when Robert H Hazelton bought the farm buildings and land from John Hall. Robert's diary talks about how on August 25 1898 he picked 5 bushels of apples and sold them to the "evaporator" for $2.03 per bushel. He must have struck a better deal later because on September 12th he sold 23 1/2 bushels more to the evaporator for $2.25 each.

He was also involved in interstate commerce because he records that he sold 5 barrels of Gravensteins to Patch and Robert's commission merchants of Boston for $11.25 less freight of $1.50 and commission of $1.00 for a net of 8.75. We still have one of the original Gravenstein trees producing fruit.
The farm was deeded to his son Robert C Hazelton who improved and expanded the orchard to include peaches and pears. Over the years he ran the orchard and when his farm tractor and heavy equipment business expanded he leased the orchard to local farmers. Theodore of Manchester NH (banana merchant) was one. Also Elwood orchards of Londonderry NH leased it for a time
The farm was deeded to his grandson Daniel W. Hazelton who actively ran the orchard after Elwood decided to not operate it any more. Daniel did this with the assistance of some local farmers until he leased it to Harry Weiser of Hackleboro Orchards in Canterbury NH.

March 2010:
Daniel leased the orchard to Kitt and Cathy (Hazelton) Plummer. We hope to continue the tradition of apple and fruit growing for many years to come.

April 2011:
Planted 1.5 acres of NEW peach trees. Click here to view our peach planting video.
April 2012:
Planted 450 NEW apple trees, including Honeycrisp, Macoun, Jonagold, Fuji, and several more.


Hazelton Orchards * 20 Harantis Lake Rd. Chester, NH 03036
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