Our Gravenstein is quite ancient but it certainly has a will to live. This apple was my Grandfathers favorite apple. When his orchard was cut down and replanted in 1976 my Grandmother had Al Connors,Sunnycrest Farms founder, graft scions of this apple to a wild apple growing in her yard. I watched him do it.
I was amazed how he could talk and smoke his pipe at the same time. Every one of the grafts took and the tree is still
growing there albeit unsprayed and unpruned.

Adam's Apples says "Its white-green flesh is firm, crisp and juicy. The taste is a balanced tart-and-sweet, with spice and
floral notes. There is a tiny bit of pine towards the finish."


Hazelton Orchards * 20 Harantis Lake Rd. Chester, NH 03036 *
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